This contract on one side vendor CROSSCOM EXCLUSIVE TOURS (hereafter called AGENCY in this agreement.) On the other side the definition of the consumer in the domestic and overseas trips in accordance with the laws of sale and the protection of mutual rights of Turkey Travel Agencies Union (TÜRSAB) example It has been prepared using the contract.

: …………………………………………………..…………………………………. (Briefly referred to as CONSUMER in this contract.)
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Package Tour Payment Details Contract fees, fees and expenses are stated on the “Reservation Document” in addition to this contract. Of the payment; All details such as the sales price in cash / installments including VAT, the number of installments, the exchange rate in credit card payments, the term difference, the prepayment received, the remaining balance are clearly stated on the reservation document and the consumer is informed upon his approval.
Services Included / Not Included in the 2nd Tour All services included in the price are indicated separately on the reservation document, in the circular about the tour. Except for included services, all services (even if not specified) are subject to extra charges. According to the country of destination, taxes, duties, fees and similar public payments that must be collected from tourists and price changes resulting from exchange rates are reflected on the consumer. This situation is immediately notified to the consumer. After the notification, the consumer can return from the contract without paying any compensation or accepts the additional contract, which indicates the changes made and the effect on the price.


Duration of the Tour / Mode of Transportation / Accommodation Type / Number of Meals and Other Details The starting and ending times of the service purchased, the mode of transportation, class, location, qualifications (including times and transfer details), accommodation type and meals received and all other details, contract It is as stated in the “Reservation Document” given with. The consumer has examined the brochure with his signature at the bottom of the reservation document containing this information, read and accepted all relevant details.


Package Tour Registration Conditions The consumer is registered with the condition that he / she pays at least 35% of the total reservation amount during the reservation. The remaining balance of the reservation must be completed 21 days before the start of the trip at the latest. If the payments are not completed within the specified periods, the reservation will be canceled by the agency and the 35% paid part is invoiced to the consumer as a withdrawal compensation. The consumer is deemed to have accepted the terms with this contract and cannot request a refund.


The AGENCY cannot be held responsible for any political events, strikes, disasters, weather conditions, technical events and malfunctions, changes or delays that may arise from inter-state relations that may occur before or during the tour.


6.1 The AGENCY, if deemed necessary, may cancel the tours announced or registered, partially or completely, up to 7 days before the start of the trip, provided that the consumer also notifies the consumer. Within the same period, the hotel within the scope of the tour may change the transportation vehicles and their movement places, the places specified in the program and shown as places of interest. In this case, the consumer can accept this change or the consumer may use one of the following optional rights, provided that he / she notifies the agency in writing or with a permanent data storage that he / she does not accept the change made:
1. Participation in another package tour of equal or higher value offered by the package tour organizer or agent at no additional cost.
2. Participate in a lower value package tour, provided that the difference in price is returned to the consumer.
3. Canceling from the contract without paying any compensation. If the contract is canceled, the package tour organizer or agent must return the entire amount paid by the participant within fourteen days at the latest, without any deduction, from the date of receipt of the return from the contract.
6.2 The contract price, if there is a change in the exchange rate, fuel expenses, taxes, duties, fees and similar legal obligations collected at places such as ports, airports, provided that the agency is 20 days prior to the start of the tour and by notifying the consumer through a written or permanent data storage channel, This price can be increased by 5%. In the event that the consumer breaches the contract, the default provisions of the law of obligations are applied. If the consumer does not pay the contract price, a default interest at the legal rate is applied.
6.3 In the termination notifications made at least thirty days before the start of the package tour, the amount paid by the consumer is returned to him within 14 days without any deduction, excluding the expenses arising from obligatory taxes, fees and similar legal obligations.
6.4 In the event that the consumer notices a termination less than thirty days before the start of the package tour due to a situation that he cannot foresee or prevent despite all the necessary care or force majeure, the expenses arising from the obligatory taxes, fees and similar legal obligations and the expenses that can be paid and documented to third parties and can be refunded. The participant will be refunded the fee paid by the participant within 14 days without any deduction, except for the non-compulsory fees. Apart from this, the package accepts to pay 65% ​​of the tour price for cancellations 30/15 days before the start of the tour, and the whole package if less than 14 days remain.
6.5 1618 SY. In accordance with Article 12 of the Law, if the package tour service is purchased, it is covered by insurance if the package tour is missing or not given at all. The coverage is up to the package tour price. (Maximum 1.000 EURO) In this case, the consumer does not have the right to compensation.
6.6 Cancellations and changes in all package tours with plane transportation are within the scope of the relevant airline rules. In all other tours except promotional tours, airline rules apply in case of cancellations, changes and refunds.
6.7 Cancellations and changes cannot be made on promotional tours and flight tickets used in these tours. Since promotional tickets are valid with the hotel reservation, flight and hotel reservations cannot be canceled in case of tour cancellation, the total amount of the total payment is billed to the participant. Promotional tours are also specified in tour packages.
6.8 In charter (private) flights, no excuse is valid for 30 days and later cancellations, and in case of cancellation, the entire tour fee is invoiced to the consumer as a withdrawal fee.
6.9 If it is not possible for the consumer to continue the package tour, it may transfer the contract to a third party who fulfills all the conditions applicable to the package tour by notifying the agency in writing or with a permanent data store at least 7 (seven) days before the start of the tour. The transferee and transferee of the package tour contract is jointly responsible to the agency for the payment of the balance amount and all additional costs arising from the transfer in question.


The agency may change the hotel names, transportation means, departure locations and times within the scope of the trip, provided that the consumer notifies the consumer at least 48 hours before the start of the tour, adhering to the standards specified in the program. The tour programs given during registration are exemplary programs in accommodation and transportation. The organization of the extra trips mentioned in the program depends on meeting the necessary conditions in the guide initiative. The guest agrees that the trip conditions have been fulfilled if the overnight stays in the total trip duration are not shortened, and the classes and categories of the accommodation are not changed. Especially in private flights, if there are changes in the departure time and number of trips before the tour, the guests are informed by the agency up to 48 hours before the trip. The agency is not responsible for any problems arising from transportation and accommodation by the guests before this information.


Airplane, steamboat, train, bus etc. The departure times of the transportation vehicles are the hours valid on the date of the contract. The AGENCY is not responsible for the tariff changes made by the carrier companies later. Planes, ferries, trains, buses, etc. The departure time and number of departures of the transportation vehicles should be checked from the agency before the trip. For any reason, changes can be made depending on the means of transportation or for non-existent reasons. Our agency is obliged to inform the passengers about the tour departure details, but also to learn these details for our passengers.


9.1 Provided that the consumer participating in the tour is not larger than 50 cm x 70 cm in all kinds of trips, 20 kg for travels with two suitcases. Has the right to take and bring luggage. Money, valuable documents and similar valuable jewelry should not be kept in the baggage. The AGENCY cannot be held responsible for valuable items in the lost baggage.
9.2 Items smelling, flowing, flammable or explosive or disturbing their surroundings, sharp-piercing, firearms and all kinds of animals shall not be allowed in vehicles and accommodation facilities without the separate and clearly written permission of the agency.
9.3 In the event of baggage loss or damage caused by the heavy fault of the AGENCY staff, of the lost or damaged baggage is paid to the owner of the lost or damaged baggage, regardless of the material and spiritual value and other qualifications and characteristics, of the total cost of the trip. The AGENCY is responsible for all kinds of loss, damage and theft of the goods, which have been declared by the consumer in writing together with their value, and are responsible at most as much as the cost of the trip.


Visa and passport procedures belong to the consumer. However, if all the necessary documents are delivered to the agency in full 1 month before the start of the trip, the visa procedures can be followed by the agency as an intermediary institution in return for a fee. Since visa procedures are entirely under the initiative of the consulates, the agency does not have any responsibility due to the inability to obtain a visa. Since obtaining a visa does not guarantee entry to that country, the agency has no responsibility for those who are not admitted to the country. And for this reason, it does not pay any refund or compensation. Cancellation conditions are applied in the cancellation of the tour due to the inability to obtain a visa.


11.1 The scope of coverage for incomplete or defective performance, damages and losses of consumers included in the travel insurance travel package is determined by the policy of the insurance company that provides this service. The AGENCY does not bear any responsibility regarding the content, scope or application of these guarantees.
11.2 If the consumer leaves the tour he started with the bet that the service is defective, he / she must notify the AGENCY official and the hotel where he / she is staying in writing, together with the reasons. Otherwise, the consumer is deemed to have left the tour and used the service.
11.3 It is the duty of care of the bona fide consumer to inform the authority in writing about the issues that the consumer complains about during the performance of the service. Consumer’s use of the service until the end of the complaint removes the rights of compensation such as substitution service and refund of the complaints.
11.4 The consumer (s) who do not have a signature in the contract but who participate in the tour subject to the contract are also deemed to have read, accepted and committed this contract. Despite this, if the consumer (s) participating in the trip on the grounds that they do not have their own signature in the contract, the lawsuits and follow-ups related to the travel they participated in and against the AGENCY and if the agency has to pay a price or compensation to the consumer other than the matters written in this contract, the consumer (s) signed by the agency ), the right of recourse is reserved for the excess amount paid. Consumers participating in this trip have learned the terms of this contract, which will be valid between the parties, by announcements, even if they have not signed it, and have committed to participate in the trip under these contract terms.
11.5 If there is a conflict between the copy of the contract remaining in the consumer and the copy remaining at the agency, the copy records remaining at the agency will be taken as basis.
11.6 The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Board and Türsab Arbitration Board and Istanbul Courts and enforcement offices are authorized in case of disputes that may arise in this contract between the parties.

In matters not written in this contract, 1618 S.K. and regulations, statutes, circulars, communiqués and schedules issued accordingly; 2034 S.K. IATA, IHA, UFTAA Convention Provisions and International special and official contracts will be applied. I have read all the subjects and information mentioned in the contract above, I bought the brochure and examined it. I received the fee and expense statement separately. I accept the terms stated with my signature at the bottom on behalf of all other participants.

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