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Paragliding Experience in Istanbul

✪ Enjoying Tandem and Paragliding Flight in Ormanlı near Istanbul!
✪ Come and fly anytime for 1 year with the Open Date option


Ormanlı Village is a pretty village located in the Black Sea coast with a long and large beach and it is 100 km or 1.5 hours away from İstanbul city center. Behind the beach, there are sand that is kilometers long, embraces the sea, has a soft texture and a hillside of 30-100 meters high, covered with forests. Over twenty kilometers, the north eastern winds blow vertically to the hillside and form dynamic lifting wind so that pilots can enjoy entertaining and stable flights for hours.
Discovered in 1998 by paragliding pilots İstanbul, Ormanlı flight area has become a very popular since that time. Main reasons of this popularity are that flights are made in low altitude such as 30-150 meters so that pilot and the passenger can have more of flying and thanks to the dynamic lifting wind, take-off point is also an easy landing point. Therefore, there is no need for another transfer for a new flight.


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Flights conducted with a 42-m2, two-person parachute are called tandem flights. In tandem flights, a pilot experienced in this subject uses the parachute and the other person is in the position of passenger.
Parachute is behind the pilot and passenger, lying open on the ground. Flight seats called harness are quite modern and safe. The passenger can easily chat with the pilot or take photos.
The pilot and the passenger are tied to each other by a special system. Pilot makes wing profile the ready for flying by pulling the parachute towards herself/himself and the flight begins after running for a few steps. To do the tandem flight, passenger does not need any special training, s/he can do the flight after a short briefing given by the pilot.
Tandem flight allows everyone to enjoy paragliding flight, because it does not require a long and technical training period.


Q: Is it safe?
A: Yes! Never had any problems before.

Q: Can I state the departure time for my tour?
A: Of course! We operate tours on private basis, so you can customize the departure time.

Q: Am I traveling with a group on the tour?
A: No, we provide Private Guided Istanbul Tours for your best experience so you will have a private professional tour guide in your preferred language.

Q: How do I book this tour?
A: Easy! All you need to do is;
Fill the ‘Booking’ form where you will put your full details such as personal information, date, hotel or cruise name, arrival and departure times. Once you complete your booking we will get back to you with a confirmation email within 24 hours.

Q: How do I pay?
A: After filling the Booking form and secure the booking, the payment will be in cash directly to the tour guide during the tour. You can choose to pay in Usd, Euro, RMB, Turkish Lira or English Sterling.

Cancellation Policy

Note to our beloved guests:
To receive a full refund;
Please try to cancel at least 72 hours in advance of the start date of the experience.
For details please refer to our Cancellation & Refund Policy.
Thank you!

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